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Famous snacks in Kerala, tasty Kerala snacks

Here is a list of some of the most famous and tasty snacks of Kerala. These Kerala short eats are available in most shops of Kerala and they are usually well packed, hygenic and safe to eat.

Cashew Nuts in Kerala

Kerala Cashew nuts

Cashewnuts in Kerala:

Cashewnuts are one of the tastiest nuts in the world and it has been grown and processed in Kerala for manay centuries. There is a story of how Cashewnuts got its name. An Englishman, visiting Kerala to buy spices sometime in the early 1800s, saw a street vendor selling Cashew nuts and asked her what it was. She did not understand the question, but replied "Cashu inu ettu" which in Malayalam means "Eight nuts per Cash coin". But the Englishman heard it as 'Cashewnuts' and the name has stuck to this day.

Kerala Banana Chips

Banana chips of Kerala

Famous Kerala banana chips:

The banana chips of Kerala are very famous, because it is a favourite snack of the people of Kerala. Kerala Banana Chips are made with thinly sliced Kerala bananas, salted and then deep fried. It is a great snack to be eaten at any time of the day. Many Keralites are staying overseas all over the world, from USA, UK, Middle East, singapore, Malayasia, etc. Most of them when they go back from their holidays in Kerala, is sure to carry a few packets of Kerala banana chips to distribute to their friends overseas.

Kerala Jackfruit chips

Jackfruit chips

Jackfruit chips of Kerala:

Jackfruit chips of Kerala are made from sliced raw jackfruit pods and is an excellent snack. It is not so easily available as the banana chips due to the lack of availability of the Jackfruits.

Kerala Parippu Vada

Prippu Vadas in Kerala

Kerala Parippu Vada

Prippu Vadas in Kerala are a popular snack and it can be found in all the street tea shops in Kerala. Most people eat Parippu Vada together with a small Kerala banana and top it up with a hot tea. This is a must try food item in Kerala.

Kerala snack Murukku

Murukku is delicious

Murukku a tasty snack of Kerala:

Murukku is a delicious snack of Kerala made with chick pea flower and deep fried. It is shaped like concentric circles and has light brown colour. A picture of what Murukku looks like is shown here.

Achappam from Kerala

Kerala Achappam

Kerala Snack Achappam:

Achappam is a special type of snack which a nice shape because it is made by dipping a patterned die into a spiced sweet rice flower batter and then dipping the die with the rice flower batter stuck on it into hot oil. The fried Achappam then comes out easily from the die after frying. The picture here shows the unique shape of the Achappam. Quite a nice snack with a unique taste.

Sukhiyan the sweet snack of Kerala

Kerala Sukhiyan

Kerala Sukhiyan:

Sukhiyan is a traditional sweet of Kerala made with sweetened green lentil in Jaggery (Molasses) and then batter coated and fried. It is a sweet like nothing else you have ever tasted anywhere else in the world before. A picture of Sukhiyan is shown here.

Hot Kerala tea shop Tea

Kerala tea shop Tea

Steaming hot Kerala tea shop Tea:

No mention of Kerala Snacks can be complete without mentioning the steaming hot Kerala Tea available in all the street tea shops of Kerala is such a refreshing drink. Kerala has many tea gardens and the tea made in this Kerala street tea shops are simply out of this world. Kerala tea vendors have perfected the art of making the perfect cup, or should we say, the perfect glass of tea. It is tea with milk and sugar which is hand mixed by pouring from one vessel into another from as high as the hands will permit. This process mixes air into the tea and milk giving street tea of Kerala a flavour you get addicted to. This tea is very popular in Kerala and is the common man's drink. Don't miss the chance to taste the Kerala tea shop tea while in Kerala.

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